Transform your kitchen cabinets

bananna kitchen wall colors
Old cupboard in the kitchen you were a pain to omraznali. White getinaks navyava only boredom and your financial capabilities are limited. Top - easier and cheaper to replace kitchen cupboard door or a little more resources and skill to create nastroenie.

kitchen cabinetsWe ten ideas on how to change to neuznavaemost door with nothing inconspicuous cupboard. The easiest way is painting, n ow you've decided to prevaplatite in artist, you can make picturesque canvas of white doors - here's how:

1. Choose the appropriate car paint colors and within minutes they will become unrecognizable. Background is a stop - fairness, but what will narisuvate then - the choice is yours.

2. How to prepare the door? To begin with washing and drying them well, then with fine sandpaper izshlayfayte them to be able to hold paint. Then prime with colorless nail polish. List keynote Two hands, then narisuvayte a template or a free hand desired picture. Top fix with colorless nail polish - this will be easy to maintain hygiene in the kitchen.

Color trends for modern kitchen 2009

3. Melamin plates are sold in stores, there are two persons in two colors, handy if you were alone can skroite doors, with or without binding cord - a matter of taste and desire. The color you choose, by and comply with other kitchen equipment.
wood kitchen cabinets

4. Another easy way is to be self wallpaper or foil. Offered in stores in different colors in stripes, with floralni reasons - so you can add new colors in your kitchen.

5. One way to change is this - buy from the shops of rattan roll, you can easily razkroite and paste it on existing loopholes or within, a matter of taste and desire is whether it otsvetite or will remain in its natural color. It is beautiful in itself.
romantic kitchen interiors

6. If the table in the kitchen you like wood and rustic style, you can make wooden doors and letvi.

7. Another way is to pin sachak where you wish to frame him.

kitchen cabinets8. If you have a traditional thinking and extravagance like, you can paste on the metal doors in different picture film - moon, stars and more.
 Wood kitchen cabinet

9. It is very fashion presence of textiles in the kitchen. So door base cabinet can successfully replace with curtains, in line with the tablecloth, gloves and various kitchen accessories you - cheaply and effectively decide on the kitchen of the house.

10. The last and decisive touch handles are (hand). They can be wood, metal, plastic or brass - the choice is a big market, they give your work finished.