I Hate Luv Storys : Imran Khan

The gay icon "Imran Khan" has recently quoted in an interview that he is not much of a romantic. Although he doesn't say that " I Hate Luv Stories" but he insists that love in real life doesn't have the dramas of a film.

( Mr. Imran Khan you don't need t be romantic at all, it's something that all the GALS need, not GUYS, for all your fans and LOVERS you just need to wear some nail polish !!! )

In a chatty mood during a break from his busy schedule for Break Ke Bad the actor revealed that it was the wicked sense of humor in the character that drew him to the film, and this sense is close to his own character.

Commenting on not being romantic she, sorry, he said " Classic gestures of romance, to me, are trivial. Real love is when you decide that the other person's happiness is more important to you."