Update on Contest Winners

Just a little update on who won the last two big giveaways.  The first winner Ariel, who writes the blog Loving Every Minute of It, won a custom drawing by Patricia Van Essche of PVE Designs.  Ariel chose her darling bungalow as the subject of the drawing.  I thought you might like to see the final results. As always, Patricia’s work is wonderful, warm, and personal.   First – take a look at Ariel’s house she shares with her husband and three boys in the Texas Hill Country:



 Ariel and her husband have updated their house, adding shutters, new paint, landscaping, porches, etc!!!!



And here is Patricia’s drawing.   I love the angle she chose to capture it.   It looks so inviting with the Adirondack chairs prominently figured, along with the trees and picket fence.     If I was Ariel, I would order the note cards that Patricia sells with this drawing on them.   It would be so cute !!    To read Patricia’s story about the drawing, go HERE.



The next big giveaway was the fabulous lantern from BROWN.    Here is the exact same lantern hanging in my client’s house that I worked on this year.   I was so excited when Jill Brown offered to give the lantern for a giveaway.  It was the largest contest I have ever had.  The response was phenomenal – so many people entered!!!!     I was only sorry I didn’t have more to hand out.   It’s a truly gorgeous light fixture and Jill was so generous to sponsor the contest.  


image The BROWN lantern was the largest giveaway I’ve done – both in monetary value and numbers of entrants. 





The blogger Brilliant Asylum from Atlanta was the lucky winner of the BROWN lantern.  As  you can read HERE, she had a choice of either having the four light bulb kit inside the lantern or just the one light bulb kit.  She chose the one light bulb kit with the beautiful Edison bulb, shown below.    Hopefully when she hangs the lantern Brilliant Asylum will send us a picture to see it!  Be sure visit BROWN’s web site HERE to see all their wonderful things.  


A huge thank you again to Patricia and Jill for the great giveaways.  



image Photograph of Christina Strutt’s house in Bath, England – taken from her latest book:   At Home With Country HERE.


P.S.  The newest Skirted Roundtable is now available with our guest Cabbages and Roses’ Christina Strutt.   From England, Strutt is Martha Stewart and Rachel Ashwell rolled into one – with a dash of her mentor Laura Ashley.   Beautiful fabrics and clothes.   Listen HERE.




Next week we have a HUGE HUGE HUGE guest coming on the Skirted Roundtable:  Robert McAlpine!  I am so excited I could DIE!!!  Wish me luck y’all.  This one has me nervous.   McAlpine is a major hero to me and I’m sure to you too!!!   YIKES!!!!!!!!