Bright Bold and Beautiful: Flourish Design and Style

Sarah of Flourish Design and Style is the next host in my BB&B guest post series,
"What is bright, bold, and beautiful to you?" Thank you, Sarah!

Bright Bold and Beautiful, oh the things that come to mind. For me it’s simple.. doing what I love, being with those I love, and being surrounded by things I love.
Bright- I adore white and cream, even better is a mix of the two..then take a bold orange and add that to a neutral mix, stunning. Hints of vintage beauty add a generous but subtle dose of bright color, and white done right
is perfection on Reese.
Bright and Beautiful
Bright Interior
Bright and Sunny
Bold- Bold is color, bold is scale, and bold is what you love done well.. and if you’re going to do one thing well, aren’t Diane Bergeron’s bookshelves an amazing example? An oversized drum pendant demands attention, and a wonderful striped floor is quietly bold.
Bold Interiors
Bold Interior Kitchen
Beautiful- I love light rooms, but a little dose of color is key. A hint of pink here, a mix of tones there. Kids rooms are so important.. especially when they are put together so well. Mixing patterns is an art, but boy, when pulled off properly,
what fun!
Bright and Beautiful
Bright Bold and Beautiful
Bright Bold and Beautiful
Thank you so much Laura, for inviting me to share. I hope you enjoy my take on bright, bold and beautiful- xx
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