Contemporary Kitchen Islands

Contemporary islands in new kitchens add storage, style and space. At it you can choose to prepare food, wash-up, eat, talk or just write out your shopping list.
Contemporary white modern kitchen islands
White kitchen island
Make sure the design is suitable for your flow of traffic and leave room for chairs or stools, if you use it as a breakfast bar.

A cantilevered island will give the illusion of more space as you can see through a benchtop the other side.

Consider molded corner posts and trim down to add more coverage of your project.

legokitchen Fancy LEGO collored modern kitchen island

Make your island sleek and minimalist with all appliances, hidden behind cupboards in the integrated design

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Aesthetics are extremely careful, because it's working space.

Use the highest quality end materials, such as granite for durability and to add to his pleasure in the kitchen.

modern cooking island

Modern minimalistic kitchen island
Design of curved island of stunning contrast and appearance! You can use the solid surface countertop. Look for more advanced materials for solid surface benchtops.

Place taste pendant lighting and other fixtures over the island for a task and ambient lighting. This allows you to have an eyecatching feature during the day and a glorious, glossy, light at night.
Traditional kitchen island - classic island
Traditional kitchen island - classic islandign from Arrital Cucine
classic kitchen island
Make ergonomics (ease of movement and use) one of the main elements of your project.

Use all of your current island to showcase special ornaments, cookbooks or a house or a wine rack. They all will add a decorative element.

Finish island off the decorative edge that will give a sense of luxury to your project.

Modern Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen Island Designs

white Modern Curved Kitchen Islands 8

Add a beautiful and functional stools or chairs that complement your cabinets and fixtures. There are many projects without back or half-and high-backed forms.

Add mirror as your toekicks person to add a touch of extra sparkle. Or wrap material used in your island cabinets to the floor long seamless look.

Your current island can be made of contrasting color to that of other cabinets, but if you do this, preferably the same material.
White kitchen cabinets

Modern Curved Kitchen Islands 1

Kitchen islands are among the most popular products in the kitchen remodeling project. They are so versatile and you can suit any decor. Would like additional space for work area that will give the island and if you think all points of the design will have a great contemporary addition to your kitchen.

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