Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Ideas

There are areas of the kitchen that are more frequently used than other areas. This would be the kitchen sink area and the stove area. Water, heat and moisture are things that causes stains and grease-build ups. One way to solce the problem would be to install a kitchen tile backsplash. Kitchen backsplah tiles make clean-ups easier; they are also long-lasting, and come in many decorative options. One cool idea in kitchen interior design, is to use kitchen tile backsplah as a decorative and stand-out piece in the kitchen, by showcasing special accent tiles. You can use hand-painted tiles, textured tiles for the kitchen backsplah tiles.

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Simple Contemporary Spanish Tile Motif
For Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

8 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
By Mike Boysen

A kitchen backsplash is a wall cover that you install to keep the wall dry, make it easy to clean, and add a touch of decor to your kitchen. Putting in one of these is the easiest and quickest way to update your kitchen with a new look and breathe new life into a dull and boring kitchen. With a new backsplash, your kitchen will look like new. All you need are some kitchen backsplash ideas. You have many types to spark your imagination like ceramic tiles, stamped metal, plastic laminate and engineered stone. Tile is the most versatile and most often used.

Kitchen backsplash ideas are only limited by your creativity. You can use several different materials to help you create the look you are striving to achieve.

Here are some kitchen backsplash ideas for you to consider:

1. Tiles. Many homes have tiles on the wall in the kitchen. They make for the perfect backsplash because they are so easy to clean. You can come up with some great kitchen backsplash ideas using tile because you can arrange them in patterns and use various colors. You can create mosaic designs or something totally whimsical. Light colored tiles can brighten your kitchen and make your stove area look larger. Tiled kitchen backsplashes are definitely a good choice for any type of kitchen.

Tiles must be installed properly since they will be exposed to frequent heat and moisture from your stove. Before attempting to install the tiles, make careful measurements so your design will not get out of alignment. When you apply them, use tile adhesive that is also called thinset. This will give your tiles a professional look even when you do it yourself.

2. Laminate. When you use a laminate backsplash, your kitchen backsplash ideas are limitless because you can print any digital design you want onto the laminate in vibrant living colors.

3. Stamped Metal. Stainless steel is expensive and too hard to cut for a backsplash. The next best thing is to use tin ceiling tiles. This will give your kitchen a sleek industrial look. You will need to nail the tiles into place and then remove the protective film. This kitchen backsplash will require regular cleaning with polyurethane to keep it looking new.

4. Blackboard Paint. This is among the more unique kitchen backsplash ideas and more popular among young homeowners and those with children. This turns your backsplash into a blackboard that you can use to scribble notes on or use colored chalk to draw elaborate designs. The good thing about this idea is that it is so easy to install. All you have to do is smooth the wall, apply the blackboard paint and let it dry.

5. Magnetic Backsplash. To use this backsplash idea, all you need is a magnetic dry erase board, and mount it on the wall. It can double as an extra display area when your refrigerator front is full. Leave messages or decorate it with decorative magnets.

6. Faux Stone. If you are seeking kitchen backsplash ideas for a country look, then faux stone could be your answer. Faux stone has the look of real stone but it is soft enough to pin notes on. It stands up to wear and repels insects and moisture. It is also simple to install and easy to keep clean.

7. Textured Wallpaper. This is another easy idea for a kitchen backsplash. All you have to do is trim the wallpaper to the correct size, peel and stick. Once it is in place, cover it with a layer of semi-gloss paint so it will last longer and be easier to clean.

8. Recycled Items. For a truly unique kitchen backsplash, you can create your own from a collection of old plates or metal signs. Just about anything can be arranged for use as a backsplash. Just make sure it is secured with the correct adhesive so it doesn't fall off of the wall.

Selecting your kitchen backsplash can be one of the most fun parts of your kitchen remodeling project. Let your imagination roam free and come up with kitchen backsplash ideas that will make your kitchen one of a kind.

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